We're grateful to our many partners in the projects we're involved with for their trust in our business practices and their praise of the 加拿大28app苹果ios版 way of doing business.



“We applaud Sharon’s continuous involvement and 领导 efforts to boost the region. 通过她在大凤凰领导中的角色,并在更大程度上, 她与大凤凰城经济委员会的关系, Mesa has grown to appreciate her vision to diversify and move the economy forward.”



“在我30年的发展历程中, 我想不出还有谁比广场公司更有资格, 尤其是在医疗领域. 加拿大28app苹果ios版, 支持莎伦·哈珀的领导, 一个组织是否可以被指望去执行和完成任务. I have known Sharon for many years and the reputation and track record of her and 加拿大28app苹果ios版 is one that we respect very much. Eldorado Holdings and 加拿大28app苹果ios版 would look forward to the opportunity to work together.”

迈克尔·米. 乌鸦


“你的远见卓识, 领导, and dedication are irreplaceable assets to our community and to Arizona State University, 我们对你们的参与和许多贡献深表感谢. Thank you again for your friendship and support, and for all the ways you make Arizona better.”

Ole Borchard-Christiansen, MD


作为一名医生, 我曾经是沙漠西部妇产科的首席执行官, a 20 -physician practice with four offices and have worked with 加拿大28app苹果ios版 since 1979. We have experienced 加拿大28app苹果ios版 and their abilities both as significant equity investors, as tenants and as a recipient of their sophisticated brokerage services. The 加拿大28app苹果ios版 real estate asset management services are unparalleled from our perspective. 识别和定义项目的能力, 复杂的承保服务, comprehensive offering memorandums and on-going financial and analytical updates and regular reporting has not only made 加拿大28app苹果ios版 but their investments stand out as exceptional. The on-going annual investor distributions and the financial returns upon sale have been stellar. 从我的角度来看,这是一个例外的结果, 高度专注和高度熟练的金融承销分析, 投资收益建模, 能够对不断变化的经济环境做出反应, to protect and sustain investments and a disposition strategy that has been phenomenal.”



加拿大28app苹果ios版 has led some of the most complex and significant projects in 斯科茨代尔, 和维在银石和天歌, 亚利桑那州立大学创新中心. 这些项目从北部和南部固定了城市. The City of 斯科茨代尔 prides itself in superb design review and complex zoning oversight. 加拿大28app苹果ios版 has excelled with both in their endeavors in the City of 斯科茨代尔 and they are highly regarded for their professional and collaborative work with City 领导 to develop some of the finest projects in our community.”



“Sharon Harper serves as a model for what a corporate executive should be. She is the consummate professional – intuitive, always prepared and willing to lead through example. 我最欣赏莎伦的一点, 然而, is her willingness to dedicate her extensive professional skills to the betterment of our community, 其方式不胜枚举. Her mark is everywhere, due to a tireless work ethic coupled with a genuine concern for the future.”



“Cardiovascular Consultants (CVC) has worked with 加拿大28app苹果ios版 since 2002 as a tenant and as a physician equity investor. CVC的几位医生, a highly specialized cardiovascular group of 55 physicians and mid-level providers, have invested with Plaza and have been very pleased with the asset management services of Plaza. 特别是, 深入的市场分析和金融承销, 私募发行备忘录, sophisticated return on investment as well as sensitive restructuring of complex leases and institutional ground leases have been most impressive. As evidence by recent dispositions, the investments have experienced stellar performance.”



加拿大28app苹果ios版 has managed Denaro Corporate Center and Denaro 101 Plaza since 2008 and they will continue managing all of our future projects. Plaza has always shown the highest levels with character and integrity in all aspects of their management. 我们对广场公司的评价最高, we are always being approached and asked to switch to other management companies and we always decline because of Plaza’s consistent high quality of work. 迪纳罗公司中心和迪纳罗101广场推荐广场.”



“Our relationship began in 2005 venturing with Plaza and the ASU Foundation to develop SkySong. This 37-acre mixed-use project is a unique and innovative development in south 斯科茨代尔. 作为天星的物业经理, 加拿大28app苹果ios版 serves an integral role in managing SkySong’s new facilities, 与租户建立积极的关系, communicating on a proactive basis with ownership and relating with the local community and government entities. 广场公司有知识, experience and staff to operate and manage properties in a first-class manner. 像这样, USAA Real Estate Company continued building our relationship with Plaza by partnering together in 2006 to develop top-class medical office building in Paradise Valley. USAA房地产公司强烈推荐广场公司.”


你们是否希望我们来管理, 租赁或发展服务, 我们可以帮你找到完美的空间. 拥有超过40年的经验, you can trust 加拿大28app苹果ios版 to assist you with your real estate needs.